Torghatten Nord
Environmental Policy

Torghatten Nord AS is committed through its operations to protect the environment and prevent pollution in accordance to contracts and laws and regulations set by our government.

Emissions as consequence of the operation shall be attempted minimized by new technology and other environmental innovations.

When projecting new vessels, we will take in consideration the existing environmental requirements as well as the expected environmental requirements for this kind of vessel.

We will through our work and effort, offshore and onshore, strive to prevent and uphold the environmental requirements by implementing routines and procedures.

The work environment is focused on the life and health of our employees, as well as their welfare and wellbeing.

Torghatten Nord AS will each year have written environmental objectives to be complied with and reviewed. The objectives are documented in our management system.

Though periodic audits and reviews, we will be able to determine if the objectives are met and followed in accordance with the documentation, or if any actions should be taken and what these actions should be. The evaluations make us able to continually improve our environmental policy and the environment objectives.


The environmental policy and objectives are annually reviewed through internal audits and reviews. 

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Published: 11/12/2017 08:00
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