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Frequently asked questions Ferry:

How to pay for the ferry?

Passengers are free. 

The vehicle is paid for through sign recognition. It is either through..

1.the registration number; by invoice to the Address the plate belongs to.

2. the AutoPASS or EasyGo/BroBizz tag, and gives the customer 10% discount. 

3. the agreement the customer have signed on 

 To get the discount agreement for ferries go to The agreement it not through the Companies themselves and can only be signed online.

4. For vehicles without anything but the plate number, you may also pay online through

Can be done up to 2 days after the trip.


 Reservation is possible, but not mandatory, on these connections:

You may pay by Visa or MasterCard, or thrugh the card from AutoPASSferje to get discout when paying online:

Bodø – Moskenes

Bodø – Røst – Værøy –  Moskenes


  • Available until the day before
  • Only possible for vehicles and its passengers
  • Pedestrians (foot passengers) register for ticket upon arrival of the ferry
  • A non-refundable booking fee will be added
  • Reservation is possible online at 
  • Reservation is not mandatory but recommended, especially during our summer season
  • We can prebook up to 40% of the capacity
  • There is a separate line for those with a reservation
  • If you have a reservation you need to be in the line no later than 45 minutes before departure time
  • If you do not make it in time you need to call the ferry and let them know otherwise we will give the place to those next in line


 For ferries in Troms:



Pets are allowed on designated areas.

On some of our vessels there is a separate room with cages where the pet can stay. You may check on it during the crossing.

For our other vessels the options are to have the pet either outside on the deck, or inside on designated ereas if the pet is small enough and kept i a cage/travel bag at all time and is of no disturbance or distress for any other passenger.

Rental car

If you have rented a car and wish to make a reservation in advance, you may write “rental” instead of the plate number.


 Express boat:

Go to Reis Nordland 

Here you can find the route planner and also buy the ticket.

The City Center Terminal in Bodø is operated by the Company Boreal.

To secure a seat, it is recommended that travelers pre-book their ticket here:

On-board sales (value cards, credit cards) have reopened, but provide no space guarantee. It is therefore important that you book the trip in advance.




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