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Booking Ferry For some of our routes, pre-reservation for vehicles is possible up to one day before departure. Reservation can be made by online booking, as well as by calling our booking department on +47 908 20 700. Opening hours for booking by phone is Monday - Friday from 08.00h - 15.30h. Reservation by online booking can be made until 21.00h the day before departure.

Reservations booked in advance, must be paid in advance. We will appreciate your cooperation by keeping your credit card ready when booking.

For the period from 15.06.2016 until 12.08.2016 the opening hours will be Monday - Friday 08.00 - 16.00

To make booking for ferry  RESERVE HERE!

Pedestrians for the ferries travel for free, but must be registered at boarding. "First in line first served service'" for the capasity that can not be pre booked.

Online booking:

Bookingfees Bodø - Værøy - Røst - Moskenes 2021
NOK 0 for vehicle to/from Værøy and Røst
NOK 175 Bodø - Moskenes for vehicle up to 6 meters
NOK 450 Bodø - Moskenes for vehicle more than 6 meters

Bookingfees Lødingen - Bognes 2021

NOK 175 Lødingen - Bognes for vehicle up to 6 meters
NOK 450 Lødingen - Bognes for vehicle more than 6 meters


Bookingfee is not refundable.

If you pay by using a voucher an invoice fee on NOK 75 will be charged.

Contact information
Telephone +47 906 20 700

Booking department: Tel. +47 908 20 700

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Published: 22/09/2016 12:00
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